Vestibular Rehabilitation, PT, PC

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Improving Balance, Mobility & Strength

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Vestibular Rehabilitation, PT, PC, serves patients with balance impairment, gait issues and dizziness in Brooklyn, NY. Our facility features state-of-the-art equipment that few others in the industry have, which makes our office one of the premier treatment centers in New York City.

Why is our program so special? 

Diagnosis of dizziness and balance disorders can be difficult, but in our clinic, the team approach helps patients return to their normal activities and functions.

Exercises only—not medication—we offer proven solutions for our clients, who each receive a customized therapy plan based on their particular needs, strengths and abilities. We design a personalized program for all patients, but especially for those who use a cane or walker. We will assess your balance and determine the best course of action to improve your mobility overall.

For those suffering from dizziness and balance disorder daily living can be frightening and uncertain. Anxiety, fear of falling and countless doctor’s visits with no diagnosis can leave patients feeling hopeless. More than 95 percent of our patients have demonstrated measurable clinical improvement following our personalized dizziness therapy.

We are the only facility of our kind to offer this unique combination of diagnostic and therapeutic resources such as Neurocom Smart Balance and the Equi Test.

As the leader in treatment for dizziness and balance dysfunction, Vestibular Rehabilitation offers new hope for living safe and dizzy-free!